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How's it going?
Just landed here and hoping to find people with similar interests: raspberrypis, selfhosting, nature, outdoors, cycling, swimming, hiking, data hoarding, landscapes, cityscapes, model railways, not giving my data away for free to big corporations, and daily issues.
I'm also a ham radio operator, but I keep it to myself most of the time.

This week I watched:
• Do I sound gay? (2015) 👎
• Song of the sea (2014) 👍
• American renegades (2018) 👎
• Young offenders (2016) 👍
• The king's speech (2010) 👍
• Muriel's wedding (1994) 👍

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Minds, the ‘Anti-Facebook,’ Has No Idea What to Do About All the Neo-Nazis:

I have a few ideas, starting by being more explicit on T&C, not letting nazis vote on nazi bans, actively screening posts for certain words or tags…

First time I went swimming in 1,5 years. I had forgotten how good it felt.

When I decided I was going to take four days off I didn’t think the weather would be this miserable. There is not much I can do in this dripping fog. I’m soaked and cold 😕

This week I watched:
• Goodbye Berlin (2016) 👍
• The summit (2012) 👎
• The giver (2014) 👎
• Big time adolescence (2019) 👍

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Hello, @pixelfed:
Is there any way to import statuses from one instance to another? I see the export button, but not the import one…

This week I watched:
• Goat (2016) 👎
• Call me by your name (2017) 👎
• Big nothing (2006) 👍
• Sunshine cleaning (2009) 👍
• Amundsen (2019) 👎

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I should be redoing my server but here I am, wasting my time instead.

Actually I moved it away from Google Cloud as they started charging me (I thought free tier meant free tier) and now it has stopped working.
So I don't know what to do: try to install it again at home? Move it to another instance? Give up?

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This week I watched:
• Get smart (2008) 👎
• Mi mejor amigo / My best friend (2018) 👍
• The first purge (2018) 👎

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I created a account. It will be hosted on Google Cloud for now which you probably don't approve but 🤷

This week I watched:
• The lost Viking (2018) 👎
• Money Monster (2016) 👍

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It's 3:30 in the morning. I've been fighting with Caddy's reverse proxy for ~5 hours. I'm sure it's very easy for those web developers out there, but I just couldn't make it work. So I ended up opening port 8448 et voilà. Now my instance is federated.

I'm going to bed now, tomorrow I have to install another synapse instance.

Last week I watched
• The end of the f***ing world (2017) 👎
and today I finished watching
• Utopia (2013) 👍

I want to try @ubports so bad but first I need to find a battery for my Nexus 5 and none of the available ones instill trust.

This week I watched:
• Warm bodies (2013) 👍
• Small apartments (2013) 👍
• Free fall (2013) 👎
• Fire (2021) 👎
• The biggest little farm (2018) 👍

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I've just got my first dose and if all goes well I need to come back for the second one next month.

Truth is, even if I'm not an , I would have rather not taken the vaccine and instead kept using a mask, stuck to the 2 metres distance rule and washed my hands with alcohol as often as needed. But people seem unable to follow those so I decided to get the jab to protect myself and my family.

This week I watched:
• Circus of books (2019) 👎
• Midnight sun (2018) 👎
• 100 metros estilo libre (2013) 👎
• Weekend (2011) 👎

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This week I watched:
• Starred up (2013) 👍
• Buoyancy (2019) 👍
• Christopher and his kind (2011) 👎
• The beach (2000) 👎
• The way way back (2013) 👍

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