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How's it going?
Just landed here and hoping to find people with similar interests: raspberrypis, selfhosting, nature, outdoors, cycling, swimming, hiking, data hoarding, landscapes, cityscapes, model railways, not giving my data away for free to big corporations, and daily issues.
I'm also a ham radio operator, but I keep it to myself most of the time.

People on IMDb seem to hate the series. I don't know what they expected.

Something tells me that they are from the USA.

Maskineriet is not as good as The capture (UK, 2019) or even Bron/Broen (Sweden and Denmark, 2011) but it's not a bad series to watch.

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While I do understand that our culture has a big deficit showing career focused women who are independent and successful (because they are good at what they do), I'm tired of them and I'd like to see something different.

Besides, both the detectives in Maskineriet and Born/Broen have a personal bag that interferes with the undergoing case, which makes it hard to believe.

I would've liked to see a different ending as it was too open to my taste, too many loose ends. Entertaining nevertheless.

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This week I've finished watching [The machinery] (2020) which is a Swedish TV miniseries.

I've enjoyed it but I find it too similar to Bron/Broen [The bridge] and I must admit I'm tired of the female detective characters:
— Maskineriet
— Bron/Broen
— Hondar ahoak [Sand mouths]
— The capture
— The fall

They all portray a middle aged woman, white (surprise!), strong, single, hard working —if not obsessive— and with some kind of social disorder / autism for the Swedish characters.

I used to save all the links to the articles about this particular topic that I thought this one person would find interesting, and send them an email at the end of the month with those links.

They never replied.

I stopped wasting my time.

Bitcoin mining produces electronic waste (e-waste) annually comparable to the small IT equipment waste of a place like the Netherlands, research shows.

A software tester walks into a bar. 

Runs into a bar.

Crawls into a bar.

Dances into a bar.

Flies into a bar.

Jumps into a bar.

And orders:

a beer.

2 beers.

0 beers.

99999999 beers.

a lizard in a beer glass.

-1 beer.

"qwertyuiop" beers.

Testing complete.

A real customer walks into the bar and asks where the bathroom is.

The bar goes up in flames.

This week I watched:
• Hjartasteinn / Hearthstone (2016) 👍
• The faculty (1998) 👎
• Pride (2014) 👍
• After the storm (2016) 👎
• Shark in Venice (2008) 👎
• Cleaner (2007) 👍

This week I watched:
• Do I sound gay? (2015) 👎
• Song of the sea (2014) 👍
• American renegades (2018) 👎
• Young offenders (2016) 👍
• The king's speech (2010) 👍
• Muriel's wedding (1994) 👍

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Minds, the ‘Anti-Facebook,’ Has No Idea What to Do About All the Neo-Nazis:

I have a few ideas, starting by being more explicit on T&C, not letting nazis vote on nazi bans, actively screening posts for certain words or tags…

First time I went swimming in 1,5 years. I had forgotten how good it felt.

When I decided I was going to take four days off I didn’t think the weather would be this miserable. There is not much I can do in this dripping fog. I’m soaked and cold 😕

This week I watched:
• Goodbye Berlin (2016) 👍
• The summit (2012) 👎
• The giver (2014) 👎
• Big time adolescence (2019) 👍

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Hello, @pixelfed:
Is there any way to import statuses from one instance to another? I see the export button, but not the import one…

This week I watched:
• Goat (2016) 👎
• Call me by your name (2017) 👎
• Big nothing (2006) 👍
• Sunshine cleaning (2009) 👍
• Amundsen (2019) 👎

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I should be redoing my server but here I am, wasting my time instead.

Actually I moved it away from Google Cloud as they started charging me (I thought free tier meant free tier) and now it has stopped working.
So I don't know what to do: try to install it again at home? Move it to another instance? Give up?

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This week I watched:
• Get smart (2008) 👎
• Mi mejor amigo / My best friend (2018) 👍
• The first purge (2018) 👎

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I created a account. It will be hosted on Google Cloud for now which you probably don't approve but 🤷

This week I watched:
• The lost Viking (2018) 👎
• Money Monster (2016) 👍

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