This week I've finished watching [The machinery] (2020) which is a Swedish TV miniseries.

I've enjoyed it but I find it too similar to Bron/Broen [The bridge] and I must admit I'm tired of the female detective characters:
— Maskineriet
— Bron/Broen
— Hondar ahoak [Sand mouths]
— The capture
— The fall

They all portray a middle aged woman, white (surprise!), strong, single, hard working —if not obsessive— and with some kind of social disorder / autism for the Swedish characters.

I used to save all the links to the articles about this particular topic that I thought this one person would find interesting, and send them an email at the end of the month with those links.

They never replied.

I stopped wasting my time.

When I decided I was going to take four days off I didn’t think the weather would be this miserable. There is not much I can do in this dripping fog. I’m soaked and cold 😕

It's 3:30 in the morning. I've been fighting with Caddy's reverse proxy for ~5 hours. I'm sure it's very easy for those web developers out there, but I just couldn't make it work. So I ended up opening port 8448 et voilà. Now my instance is federated.

I'm going to bed now, tomorrow I have to install another synapse instance.

Last night my mouse stopped working all of a sudden. Today I was greeted by this message on start up. No shit, Sherlock!

Apple's "magic" mouse is so poorly designed both hardware and software-wise is unbelievable. Charging port is located at the bottom, so the only way to charge it is putting it upside down. And can't macOS remind you when battery is below, say, 20% like iOS devices do —and then again at 10—? Is that too much to ask?


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