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I'm making a list with all the films I've watched in my life and ranking them. 99 so far.
If you are bored, you can have a look at:

Expect a bunch of gay pictures.

Last night my mouse stopped working all of a sudden. Today I was greeted by this message on start up. No shit, Sherlock!

Apple's "magic" mouse is so poorly designed both hardware and software-wise is unbelievable. Charging port is located at the bottom, so the only way to charge it is putting it upside down. And can't macOS remind you when battery is below, say, 20% like iOS devices do —and then again at 10—? Is that too much to ask?

I thought I had a backup but I didnt. I screwed it up 😖

Prime days are over and I managed to not buy a single thing.

Should I treat myself to something now?

How's it going?
Just landed here and hoping to find people with similar interests: raspberrypis, selfhosting, nature, outdoors, cycling, swimming, hiking, data hoarding, landscapes, cityscapes, model railways, not giving my data away for free to big corporations, and daily issues.
I'm also a ham radio operator, but I keep it to myself most of the time.


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